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Do You Drink Beer With Pasta?

This one came up over the dinner table last night. We were eating a delicious spaghetti dinner, and one of us wanted a beer.

"A beer? You don't drink beer with pasta," said another.

And the great debate began.

Now, thanks to all manner of mafia films, we all know wine and pasta are a natural pairing like peanut butter and jelly or popcorn and movies or Torville and Dean. But, some people actually prefer beer to wine in general.

The arguments:

For: Most would agree beer goes great with pizza. And that's mostly the same ingredients in a slightly different order.

Against: Pasta's already a pretty heavy dish. Do you really want to add a heavy beverage?

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No Beer!
Mmmmm, beer
Carb overload!
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Reckoning Comments!

If I'm not going to listen to the snooty sommelier who insists that a white wine won't go with my steak, I'm deinitely not going to listen to anyone who insists that beer and pasta don't pair up together.  Beer and anything pair up together.  Except driving.

...then again, I like beer with chocolat cake.

You can't call yourself Italian or paisano while drinking beer with your pasta. Save the beer for your bratwurst and kraut, and wine all the way for your pasta dishes!!!

if it's too heavy, that just means you're eating too much pasta.

I love beer.  I love pasta.  But, unlike chocolate and peanut butter, they do not go better together. 

It's like swimming. Eat your pasta, wait an hour, and then dive into the suds.

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