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Yet again, The Reckoner! tells me I'm living my life all wrong. Thanks, Reckonbot!

Composition Battle! Two spaces or one after a period?

Oddly enough, I hear this one a lot - I must travel in very nerdy circles.

Anyway: the basic argument goes: in formal writing, one side says you should always insert two spaces after a period and the other says two spaces is outdated and one is sufficient.

Both sides insist that their way increases readability.

The two spaces thing is carryover from the days of typewriters, while the internet tends to only use one space after periods, but that doesn't make it necessarily right.

So Reckonauts, which do you use/prefer: one space or two after periods?


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Two Spaces
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Reckoning Comments!

Having learned to type on a mechanical typewriter, I always double space after a period.  Opening a little extra gap between sentences makes reading a bit easier.

I do two spaces.  I don't really know why.  I've never used a typewriter except in a kitschy, self-conscious way, but I arbitrarily elected to use two spaces while in grade school because it seemed like the "adult" thing to do, and I never stopped.

Incidentally, this causes a rollercoaster of emotions on Twitter - a rollercoaster, I say!.  Those extra spaces mean that when I hit that 140 character limit, I've always got a little space I can edit out easily, which is a relief that mere mortal man is not often familiar with.

One of the most popular, and controversial, Angry Grammarian columns ever was on this very topic:

I believe that was the missing 11th commandment - "Thou shalt use two spaces after a period". God Himself uses two spaces on all heavenly correspondence.

I still generally use two spaces, but I've certainly got in the habit of doing one space when texting on my phone.  In fact, my phone encourages it.   It has a mode that automatically capitalizes the first letter of the sentence, but it only works if you do one space, not if you do two spaces!


I thought two spaces disappeared with the typewriter!!!!

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