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Can I Post Pictures That Have Other People's Kids in the them to facebook without asking?

I have two kids of my own under 6. I have run into this question following almost every birthday party my kids attend. It seems like it's the talk of the playground.

Every kid's party is like the paparazzi going off. Everyone's taking tons of pictures. Some parents like to post all their photos to Facebook so friends and relatives can see their kids, like an online photo album. This makes it easy for parents to share pictures from the same event with multiple kids in them, too. Some parents prefer to keep their children's images off the internet in any kind of public display, wanting to reduce their child's internet profile until their child can make choices for themselves about how they want to be seen. 

We all pretty much agree that each parent can do whatever they like with their own child's image. The question is: should I ask the parents of other children appearing in the photos if it's OK to post a picture with their child in it ahead of time or should I post the picture and take it down or de-tag the child in question if anyone complains?

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This is a tough one.  Everyone is already on high alert for internet creepos, and with the whole Erryjay Anduskysay scandal, it just gets worse and worse.

Even the aphorisms are split on this one.  You've got 'discretion is the better part of valor' on one side and 'better to ask for forgiveness than permission' on the other.

The heck with it, I'd ask.  It's not like Facebook has a shortage of pictures of people's kids, so it can do without for another couple of hours.

Yeah, I'd check first--especially if tagging the kids by name. You never know what the circumstances of the home life are and if someone might be able to access the photos who shouldn't see them for whatever reason. 

Yeah, I would ask first. My exboyfriend's ex girlfiend (his daughter's mom) was an elementary school teacher that took pictures of her students from a school play and posted them on facebook and was then surprised that she got fired. I don't know why people are dumb enough to post pictures of non-concenting children on the internet. 

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