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Are form Christmas letters tacky?

Many people write them, such as myself.  

What do you talk about except what you and your family have done in the past year.  I think, that as along as you stay away from boast, include mostly pictures, and just put in a quip about that event, instead of "hey, look how great we are doing", that the letters are fine.  


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Ten or fifteen years ago, I would've been all for this.  Christmas cards were a vital annual way to reconnect with folks you hadn't seen in a while -- to reach out and say 'Hey! We remember you exist! Happy Holidays!'  

Nowadays, everyone is saying 'Hey! We remember you exist' about ninety times a day between all of the different ways of communicating.

So a form Christmas card goes from a vital way of staying connected with people to spam.  That's my opinion, at least.

I always tell myself "Self, you should really write a couple paragraphs about the family and our adventures this past year to share with friends and relatives we don't normally get to communicate with very often."

But alas, life gets in the way and I'm just lucky enough to get the tacky posed Family Christmas photo done and a photo card order placed to they have a fighting chance of arriving before the big day.

I just yesterday received a card from a good family friend which just this sort of note on the back of the card.  It was tasteful, not boastful - though with definate - and appropriate - pride in their kids' accomplishments and I quite enjoyed reading it.

So, "self, NEXT year I am going to write up a short article recaping our family's adventures for the year just ended and include it with our Christmas card."

I will always take the time to write a few lines about what is going on in the family to only the people whom I feel CARE. Form letters to everyone on your list is tacky, tacky, tacky!

The Reckoner!