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Anonybot has suspicions that whoever asked this question isn't too happy about the way things turned out.

Is Star Wars: the Empire Strikes Back the best or the worst movie of the ORIGINAL trilogy?

I have this ongoing debate with my boyfriend and we think that there is no in between on this question!

People either think that Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (aka Star Wars: Episode V aka Star Wars II of the original trilogy) is the best or the worst of the trilogy.

Note: This does NOT involve the newer three movies because clearly any of the original three trumps Jar Jar and Co.

Take some time to remember the amazingness of Star Wars I (R2D2, Obi-Wan, lightsabers), Star Wars II (Han in carbonite, Darth Vader is Luke's dad!) and Star Wars III (ewoks and victory for the force)... What do you think?

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Oh Empire, how I love thee.  Let me count the ways:

  • "Luke, I am your father."
  • "I love you."  "I know."
  • Yoda.
  • Han in Carbonite.
  • Lando.  Oh Lando.
  • Downer Ending.
  • All of it.

I just love all of it.  It's the ultimate Space Opera.  Incidentally not directed by George Lucas, just produced by him.  Actually directed by Irwin Kershner.  Would George have thought about that for the new trilogy.

This question is somewhat timely around the Hunter household lately given that my two children (daughter 10 and son 7) have just concluded a two week marathon of Star Wars watching (on Blu-Ray) starting with Episode I straight through, in order, to Episode 6 (just finished this morning while eating their cheerios before catching the school bus).

I think Episode 5 (SW:ESB) was probably the one that left them the most on their seats and was most exciting.  Now, they had the 'advantage' of already knowing the back-story or Luke/Leia and Darth Vadar so some of the original surprises that I felt (and I'm old enough to have seen all the movies, include Episode 4, on the big screen during their original releases) when I first saw it.

I'm going with The Best as its the one I typically go to if I'm in the mood for SW and just want to watch one.


Hmmm, I still think episode IV is the best followed by VI.

No doubt about it, The Empire Strikes Back was the best. When I saw the orginal in the movie theater, I could not wait for the sequel. Most sequels fall flat on their face; however, Empire was GREAT!!! I felt at that time, and still after numerous viewings feel it IS the best!!!!

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