The Reckoner!

Traffic Jam Reckoning! Stay in one lane, or try to switch?

We've all been there: sitting in traffic on a six lane highway, watching those assholes on the other side of the median speed breezily by in the opposite direction while you crane your neck to try to see what's causing the hold up and all you see is...more traffic....

So, let's say you're stuck in a big traffic jam. All lanes are crawling. Do you stay in your lane, knowing that even though it may look like one lane is moving faster, in fact, you are all moving at more or less the same speed, or do you switch lanes in the hopes that one lane will prove to be the winner of the traffic jam?

Reckoning Results!
Stay Where You Are
Switch Lanes
What's the use?
This time it'll work!
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Reckoning Comments!

I'll wait -- doggedly, begrudgingly -- in my lane until we get to whatever the jam-up is.  Part of it is just not wanting to take the risk, but part of it is knowing that if everyone starts flighting about the lanes, it just makes the jam-up worse.

I spend a lot of time waiting.

Not me...too impatient. I will wait to see which lane is creeping faster than make a move when somebody leaves room for me.

Keep and eye on me and do the opposite.  I have a knack for picking the slower lane.

The Reckoner!