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Do you actually like mindless, super big-budget action tentpole movies?

We all have our preferences when deciding on what movie grabs our interest.  Given how great in-home entertainment has become, it takes a lot to convince us to get in our car on a rainy day or walk twelve blocks to plunk down our hard-earned dollars for a couple of hours in the theater.

Currently, Hollywood puts the bulk of its money behind the mega-action blockbusters.  These are the movies you go see to be transported out of reality, where your nighmare boss, hellboy client, complaining customers are replaced by non-stop action sequences, amazing special effects, a fantasy of the senses, affable superhuman heroes and charasmatic villians who get what they have coming.  Think the Transformers movies.  Think Thor.  Think Mission Impossible: Secret Ghost Something Whatever.  Think anything that comes out between April and September.

Hollywood has pretty much hinged its future on movies like these.  And they sell, for the most part.  The question to you, dear Reckonauts, is -- do you actually enjoy these super-tentpole movies?  

Or to put it another way, if Hollywood just stopped making them, whole cloth, and focused on quieter, story-driven movies, would you actually miss them at all?

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Heck yes!
Make them stop!
Pack it with action!
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Reckoning Comments!

I complain about these movies endlessly, but if they were gone, I would miss them.  Not all of them, of course, or even most of them, but there would definitely be a gulf that a thousand The Lives of Others or The Secrets in Their Eyes couldn't plug.

If this is what it takes for Michael Bay not to make a fourth Transformers movie, however, it may very well be worth it.  Extreme measures, hombre, extreme measures.

I love blockbusters and I would hate to see them go, but they do need to reign them in. We need more Spielberg and less Bay.

The more gun play and explosions the better.

I love big action, but I like plot, too.  Why can't we have both?

Actually based on the reviews MI: Ghost Protocol is supposed to be really good.

I LOVE action movies, though. Although I like them better if they have a decent plot, I'll watch almost any action movie at least once.  In fact, given a choice I'd rather watch a movie like Leathal Weapon 3 (dumb as it is) than something like Sense and Sensability (good as it is), just because I don't have to think or put any effort forward.

Just sit back and enjoy the pretty explosions!

The Reckoner!