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I remember back when Parachutes came out, and Coldplay was considered this cute little indie Radiohead-knockoff band and grouped in with other cute little indie Radiohead-knockoff bands like Travis.  Do you remember Travis?  No?

Well, you remember Coldplay.  I just looked them up on Spotify, and they have a song whose popularity fills up every bar except one.  That means it's basically one of the five most popular Spotify songs on Earth.  And they haven't even released an album since 2008.

But Dan!, you're asking, Coldplay?  Yes or no?

Would've been Yes at some point, but now it's No.  They get me about as excited as a bowl of Quaker Oats left out in the Minnetonka winter.  Hi-yo!!

Ya know why your gay.......

Is there a Coldplay cover band called Coldpause yet?  If not, anyone want to start one?  Everything reinterpreted as acid-jazz dubstep.

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