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Can a professional dress silly?

So I'm a business owner and public speaker. I have clients. Responsibilities. Employees. 401-K something-er-anothers. But sometimes, I like to wear a hat that looks like a polar bear head or a pair of Pac Man earrings.

Should I knock off all the dorky accessories and dress like a role model?

Or should I say 13-years old forever and open up an Etsy store for dorky female "professional" accessories?

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Never Grow Up!
Put a suit on, sister!
Peter Pan all the way
Weird is for the bedroom
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Reckoning Comments!

Can I just say "Put a Suit On, Sister" might be my favorite button thus far in Reckoner history.

Man, I wish I could say 'Never Grow Up!'.  There are people whose entire careers can be attributed to their sartorial sense, and I'm not talking about people in the fashion industry here.  All you have to do is look the part if no one knows what your lines are supposed to be. 

Generally, when I was a consultant, I'd always try to get to know the least well-dressed person in the room.  Sometimes (albeit not always), they'd be the person most worth knowing, because they're the one who is most there on merit (or they've reached a level where they no longer have to look the part, they define the part that others have to look).

In reality, though, when people see an adorable bear hat, they don't think you mean business.  And if your business is business, that's not good for business.

Ya wanna be the boss, ya got to look like the boss.

Depends on the profession you are in......

Well, there are some professions where dressing creatively can actually help your brand. As long as the person inside the clothes is inspirational, maybe it's better to be memorable?

This is tough.  In general, I'd say you need to dress professionally to be taken seriously.  The whole business image thing.  But that doesn't mean that there aren't certain times when it might be appropriate to be silly, such as when you need to break the ice or lighten the mood.


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