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Given that the results of this question could double their viewership overnight, it's safe to say that the fate of the CW is in your hands with this one.

Which Guilty Pleasure Show Should Get My Attention: Glee or Gossip Girl?

Thank god for anonymous posting, because I'm ashamed to admit to watching either. 

Last season I finally gave up on Gossip Girl (never made it back from the mid-winter break). It's plotlines had gotten exhausting to follow and I found the whole gang in college to be kind of tedious. Plus I really got bored of that Vanessa girl.

I had the same trepidations about Glee, but I hung in there partly because it was like watching a writing train wreck and partially because the music was sometimes entertaining.

This season, I made the same decisions: went back to Glee because I had heard that they were expanding the writing staff and intended to fix the major plot inconsistencies. Being out of the Gossip Girl game, it was easy to not to go back.

But now I am filled with doubt. Glee keeps getting more ridiculous, and the "rah-rah people who are different thing" which was great at the beginning is getting on my nerves--especially the Christ figure they've turned Kurt into. 

Meanwhile, I hear from other sources that Gossip Girl has given up all pretence of being anything other than a completely ridiculous soap opera, they've done away with college and bland Vanessa. 

I only have enough self-loathing to choose one of these shows. Which should it be?

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Gossip Girl
Jukebox TV
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like singing.  And I like dancing.  And I just cannot get into Glee.  This is most likely because out of a 44 minute episode, only 12 of those minutes are going to be a musical number or Jane Lynch, and those other 32 minutes are going to be the longest 32 minutes of my life.

Gossip Girl is, ah, fine.  A fine show.

how can I vote for neither?

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