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I'm due for my bi-annual phone upgrade from Verizon. Should I get an iPhone?


  • I'd feel cool.
  • I'd have internet everywhere--GPS, email, you name it. Currently I have no data plan.
  • The phone itself wouldn't cost that much once my upgrade is factored in. 
  • Texting would be way easier than it is on my current flip phone.


  • I already have an iPod Touch that gives me wireless access anywhere its available.
  • The extra $30 a month wouldn't break me, but would mean cutting back on other luxuries like beer, fancy cheese, and occasional movies in the theatre.
  • It would be the 3GS.
  • I've been fine with my phone so far--not in love, but getting by.

If you have a suggestion for me other than an iPhone on the Verizon plan, please use comments to share!

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The key thing for me is having the iPod Touch.  You're never more than a coffee joint away from internet access and the standard iPhone features, plus you've always got the ordinary phone to keep you connected via voice and text.

So in other words, bah humbug.

Not worth getting the 3GS if you've already got a touch. If you're thinking about the 4S, though, I'd probably change my vote.

Get the iPhone.  It's a low maintenance product, no worries about timeliness of updates and a much lower chance of malware.

I have an iPod Touch and decided to get a Droid Bionic instead of the iPhone.  But now I carry around 2 devices instead of one.  Of course I also have access to both Android and Apple Apps, so I have the best of both worlds...

Although my iPod Touch is the 64GB version.  I think if it was a 32 or even an 8 I would have been better off getting the iPhone instead.  

While data plans suck for the most part, I can't now imagine not having a smart phone.  Once you get one, you'll wonder how you managed without it. 

So I guess my recommendation would be upgrade to the iPhone if your iPod Touch is a lower end model, otherwise consider a 4G phone.


@Jason. Thanks for the thoughtful breakdown. You've given me a lot to think about. How do you like the Droid?

i have a droid bionic too, it's great.  google > apple

@Sally. I love it, actually!  Some people don't like the screen.  It has a lattice work on it that makes it a bit fuzzy, so it's not as clear as the iPhone screen is... but since I watch video on my iPod it hardly matters. 

I also got the extended life battery which I highly recommend.  It makes the phone a bit thicker and heavier, but I can get 2 full days of use out of it without recharging, depending on what I'm doing with the phone. I really wish my iPod battery lasted that long!


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