The Reckoner!

If someone offered you a butler for free, would you actually want one?

While it's nice to think of life with a bunch of servants at your beck and call, it's also unusual to think of one's life turned into an industry. How many people, exactly, do you need to live one life?  And wouldn't it be fun to microwave your own burrito, from time to time?

Let's say I offered you a butler.  His name is Jeeves, of course, they only come that way.  Let's say I'll pay his expenses and salary for one year.  It's on you to give him somewhere to live, and give him facilities to work and do his butlery thing, but I'll cover the cost.  I'll also make sure he never runs out of butlering uniforms.

Would you actually want the butler?  Would you take me up on that offer?

Reckoning Results!
Yes, Butler Me!
No thanks!
Jeeves, I need you!
I'm just fine, thanks.
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Reckoning Comments!

I may be crazy, but I wouldn't want a butler.  First of all, he'd have to sleep on the couch, and that seems cruel.  Beyond that, as nice as it would be to have a domestic servant, it would also be profoundly awkward to have someone who's whole life is predicated on serving you.  How much more than one man is needed to live one man's life?

Are you kidding!!!!! I've been a maid and butler for 37 years....GIVE ME THE BUTLER, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

BTW: Great Christmas gift.....hint, hint....

No question..............Give me the butler!!  Please!!

The Reckoner!