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For the folks at home, 'D and D' is Dungeons and Dragons. If you didn't know that instinctively by the time you got to the ampersand, there's a pretty good chance I know how you're going to vote on this one.

D&D; or Flag Football?

My husband just remembered why he had a nagging sense of not-right-ness when we signed up for a level eight D&D (4th ed) lair assult last night. He'd forgotten that he'd been invited to play flag football with guys at work.

He wants to do both, but can't.

So, flag football with his co-workers at his new job or D&D with our new gamer community at our local game store?

Random information for folk who over thinking things (like us):

We're in Florida, so flag football won't be terribly cold.  Seems likely but not certain that both events will be repeated.  I'll be going to D&D regardless, but won't be sore if he doesn't.  He possibly committed to both.  Our shiny new 8th level characters are nearly done.

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Flag Football!
Epic battle for the win!
Epic battle for the win!
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This is a tough one.  If Reckonbot was capable of compromise (which it isn't, naturally), it'd suggest combining the two into a big LARP game, where both groups get together to throw a magic missile downfield for 1D6 damage and a first down, and someone attempts to remove another player's Belt of Not Being Tackled.

As it is, I've got to go D&D.  You've got your characters almost rolled, and the most precious time of a campaign is right at the start, when you're feeling out the group and the DM and getting the lay of the land.  The most precious time of flag football is right at the end, when someone forgets about the 'flag' part and waylays someone else's teeth out.

I'm guessing from this answer you can also guess which part of high school I enjoyed most.

"lair assault"?  

alright chumps, let's do this! LEEEERROOYYYYYYY!!!!

When I saw the explanatory note, I was worried that D&D might mean something other than Dungeons and Dragons.  D&D is going to be a lot easier to reschedule than football.  You can play D&D at night, in the rain, in a car, on a boat, in the shower, on the moon..... Football is a touch more limited.

D&D in the shower:

Roll for initiative.  You swing Zest at Underarm Grime.  Underarm Grime misses its saving throw.  3d4 damage to Underarm Grime. 

You have gained a level.

Flag Football--you need the exercise.  Besides, FF isn't likely to last as long as a D&D session!


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