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Do You Think Shakespeare Was a Big Fat Phony? [Wars and Whores Special Edition!]

Jeffrey Barg, Official Friend of The Reckoner, Ace Urban Planner and Expert Troubadour, is working on a Henry IV Part I Musical!  It's called Wars and Whores!  (Henry IV Part I is the one with the wars and the whoring.) 

It's a folk explosion that's already rendered the studios of WXPN-Philadelphia asunder with awesomeness, and is planned to inflict similar glee at The World Cafe Live on January 14th!

Anyway, this Shakespeare character has gotten a lot of attention recently for being a big pants-pooping phony, and that the Earl of Oxford or Christopher Marlowe or a time-traveling Jeff Barg himself secretly wrote all of his plays.  Roland Emmerich seems to think so, and I love everything that man does.

The question is: do you believe it?  Did Shakespeare actually not write Shakespeare?


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This article by Eric Idle sums up exactly how I feel about this situation.

But to sum up: this is as ridiculous as the Paul McCartney is dead conspiracy. It was thought up by a bunch of elitist 18th and 19th century critics who couldn't believe someone uneducated (who spoke Latin, Greek, and French) could possible have written his own name, let alone all the dirty jokes in Shakespeare. The hallmark of conspiracies everywhere, their proof is there is no proof so someone must have destroyed the evidence. 

But in all seriousness, if you want proof that Shakespeare wrote his own plays, look no further than Timon of Athens. Who in his right mind would want to claim that?

Post this on the website for the DeVere Society. My father may or may not be a member. 

Early returns suggest a rout.  We've seen this pattern before -- but the question is, can this be turned around?

I've contacted the President of the Shakespeare Oxford Society, as well as the Secretary and Web Editor of the De Vere Society, and made them aware of this question.  The ball is in their court -- we'll see if they rally their organizations to fight for what they believe in.

Silly and crazy smart Dr. Stallybras once told me how ridiculous this claim was and I still believe him. I do think we know more about Shakespeare than mostly anyone from that time. At least according to Stally we do.

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