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Who would you rather cheat off of? Urkel vs Screech

On the Mount Rushmore of Nerdom, two faces would undoubtedly standout amongst them all: Steven Quincy Urkel and Samuel Powers (bka Screech). Yes, Reckonoiters, it has come to this showdown of two of the most iconic nerds who 90's bullies shoved not only into lockers...but into our hearts (cue soothing sitcom la-la-laaa).

Now, it would be unfair to compare these two based on looks. After all, one had a Cool Machine at his disposal (and a subsequent super-suave alter ego in Stefan Urquelle) while the other once finished fifth in an ALF look-a-like contest.

It also would not be prudent to compare these two based on post-sitcom achievements because, let's face, I'd watch Mega Shark and Crocosaurus going at it in the ocean over Screech and two prostitutes in a motel tub any day. "Got any cheese?" you ask Mr. Urkel? Yes, Screech probably does now...

No way, preppy. This Reckoning keeps things pure and simple...

Do The Sprain with me back to those high school days. To your most dreaded science or math course where, you guessed it: it's time for a pop quiz!!

Now, when you woke up in the mornin' and the 'larm gave out a warnin, you didn't think you'd ever make it on time...let alone pass Mr. Dewey's algebra quiz! So, ask yourself: who do you sit next to to "liberate some knowledge from?" The guy with the glasses and suspenders? Or the guy in the Zubaz pants and LoveCuffs?


Reckoning Results!
Steve Urkel
Samuel "Screech" Powers
Gotta have my Screechios!
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Reckoning Comments!

Did I do that?

Yes, I just did.  Urkel in '11.  

Jaleel White also did the voice of Sonic The Hedgehog. The IMDb also reports that he played Tenant #2 in Puff, Puff, Pass.  What range that man had!

Gotta go Urkel.  Screech always seemed to be of dubious intelligence.  Didn't Zack actually get a higher SAT score?

No question it would be Urkel!  He was dorky but he was smart:)

The Reckoner!