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Goin' to the movies. Do you buy your concessions, or do you sneak them in?

Yes, America.  It's movie time.  You just can't resist Jack & Jill any longer.  And whom among us can?  We're only human.  If you prick us, do we not bleed?  If you show us Adam Sandler in drag acting with Adam Sander in not-drag, do we not cry?

Yes, you're going to the movies tonight.  And you're going to eat something while you're there.  Raisinettes maybe.  Or Sour Patch Kids.  Or popcorn!  And you know they're all going to be $9 each at the concession stand, unless you get the duffle-bag sized container, in which case it's $9.25.

Or you could just sneak in that same box of candy you bought from CVS for $1.25 in your purse or pocket (or down your pants).  Yes, yes, we know that movie theaters only make money off of the concessions.  But could this be considered retribution for making us sit through 26 minutes of T-Mobile commercials before the movie starts?

Which is it, Reckonauts?  Do you go the honest way and buy at the stand, or do you sneak your candy in like a flask of Prohibition hooch?

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Sneak it in!
Buy at the stand!
Screw em! I'm not paying!
Karma, man!
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Reckoning Comments!

A friend of mine once smuggled two Wendy's Classic Triples with fries into a theater.  That's one and a half pounds of pre-cooked beef.  I'd look up the nutritional information on that meal, but I'm afraid I'd contract atherosclerosis from the digits on my monitor.

The movie? XXX starring Vin Diesel.  I can't think of any better way to watch that movie.

MD 20/20s, candy, and chips for superman returns...the chips and candy were probably the only good thing about that day

Since it costs soooo much to go out to the movies, just for the tickets.......I say sneak away:)  But please, not down the pants! ;)


Ironically we sneak to avoid the gaint portions and have something healthier than candy/fake-butter covered popcorn.  Plus the prices are rediculous.  

Until CVS starts selling soft pretzel nuggets with nacho cheese, Loews can count on me. 

@Dan Koch ... I seem to also remember that friend sneaking a slice (slices?) of pizza from Godfathers into a movie once.  While I'm not a fan of shoving hot pizza down my pants, you've got to respect the tenacity.  

Ha!  I had forgotten about that one!  It's a shame that Herman Cain is out of the nomination race, because it'd be great to get some "Godfather's Pizza Pants Down" hits from Google.

My sister and I somehow ended up in a movie theater showing the Matrix with large soft-serve ice cream cones...

Dan and I are on our way to test this one out in real to see the Muppets! I'll let you know if we get caught sneaking in giant sandwiches or fish and chips.

The Reckoner!