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If you were stranded on a deserted island, would you rather be with a physically beautiful person or a person with intellect and humor?

Let's say you find yourself in the noneviable position of being stranded on a remote, deserted island in the middle of nowhere much like Robinson Crusoe.

Just you and one other person made it to this island, and you are going to be there for a very, very long time.  Maybe forever. Would you rather that this other person be:

  • Very attractive, sexually alluring, built like a brick shithouse, but also as dumb as a brick shithouse.  Seriously, you may have more fun having a conversation with an actual brick shithouse.
  • A very intelligent, humorous individual that resembles a troll?  Or perhaps Harold Bloom. When Marilyn Monroe was asked this question, she chose Alfred Hitchcock.

Which will it be, Reckonauts?

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Beautiful Body
A Beautiful Mind
Sex will be great!
Need a conversation!
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Reckoning Comments!

This question has made me think of what Tom Hanks did with that volleyball when he got particularly lonely on that island.  It was marginally more attractive with Harold Bloom, so, ah, well, I think they may have cut that scene.

Dammit, this is a tough one.  It's very hard to get The New Yorker or The Utne Reader delivered to an abandoned desert island, so I'd be worried that eventually, good-conversationalist-be-damned, we'd go crazy and try to murder each other after a few weeks.  

But you're a lot more likely to build a magic tree fort with monkey butlers if you've got a smart companion than if you have a dumb, attractive one (if anything because of the... distraction... they'd present).  So that's the way I'm going.

When the stimulating, well-researched and founded conversation runs out, there's always room for more mundane conversation. Also, yes, they would be more useful for survival, noting the "repopulation" with two people is us suspect viability.

LOL, stranded on an island with Harold Bloom = suicide by nearest available implement (preceded by a quote from Shakespeare, preceded by Harold Bloom's pompous commentary on said quote).

i don't know if i'd want someone smart, i think they'd just tell me how to do everything, and since i took survival training, i want some one dumb enough to listen to me :)

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