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Wow, the Pearl Jam Ten Club took this one and branded it like a steer. Our quiet sense of awe is captured on the Reckon Blog.


Okay so I am super biased since I am a life long die hard Pearl Jam fan. They just celebrated twenty years of awesome music by the way. ;-)

Besides that, I feel Pearl Jam is a way better band for a few reasons.

1. They are considered to be a fantastic live jam band and play about 30 songs per show while changing up the setlist EVERY. SINGLE. SHOW.

2. They get mad respect from legends like Bruce, Pete Townsend, The Ramones, Mick and Robert Plant just to name a few.

3. Staying together and not blowing their heads off with a shotgun must hold some water?

4. They are totally appreciative of their fans and try like hell to keep prices down.

5. They on many occasions have picked random people from the nosebleed section of a stadium before a show and gave them awesome floor seats.


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Pearl Jam has had a great career and all, but before Smells Like Teen Spirit came along, every rock band looked like Poison, and after Smells Like Teen Spirit came along, every rock band looked like... Nirvana.

So I'm putting peak value here above career value.  Especially since it seems that Pearl Jam has hung around for a while to pick up counting stats for the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame, Craig Biggio-style.

PJ's catalogue summarized:

93% album filler

6% some of the most brilliant rock music ever created

1% "Stupid Mop"

Not to say Nirvana never recorded an "eh" song, but as DK says they threw sulfuric acid in the face of a music industry that deserved it, and defined a generation's whole aesthetic. 


Yeaaaaa Buddy.

I have a sneaking suspicion we should welcome some of the Pearl Jam message board fans to The Reckoner.

Holy smokes! Ved for life! This is turning into a rout!

I tried tracking down the ongoing Nirvana community to see if there's a group willing to fight on their behalf.  Turns out that there really isn't one -- at least if my hunt for a healthy online community is to be believed.

That, I think, speaks pretty positively to this turn of events.

Suck on that James! :-p

i feel like an elderly woman behind the counter in a small town.


there is definitely not an even flow of votes on this thread.

What happened to "teen spirit"? It seemed to run out the window when "the Better Man" was found.

At first glance, based on the voting, I thought the question must be "Whose CDs make better coasters?"

Well, I feel like unless a Nirvana fan site is found, the best Nirvana aficiandos can do is mercilessly mock the Pearl Jam fans. Maybe Nirvana will lose the war, but it can win the comment battle.

I see the rumblings of a comeback beginning to form.  You can hear the whispers.  Warren Moon just threw an interception.

I've got no dog in this fight.  I'm a fan of neither.


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