The Reckoner!

I know I've been wondering about this one since birth. Maybe earlier.

Malt Liquor Battle! Olde English or Colt 45?

With 40 ounces being the near proper way to indulge, there still remains the question of brand, a typically 21st century dilemma. 

You're in the back of a deli, your pocket is burning with 3 dollars, crumpled, possibly in change, the refridgerator is clouded with condensation, and it's the bottom row you're looking at.

Establishing forthright that your non-malt liquors are a waste, you can ignore your PBR 40s and your Coors, American brewed as they are. Momentarily you glance at the St. Ides and the Steel Reserve and save yourself the next morning knowing that that route leads to passing out in the bathtub, your pockets stuffed with scratch off tickets and instead of shoes, two pink wigs. Were those from the corner trannys or those two rebel Hasid chicks you saw smoking black and milds outside the gourmet hot dog joint?

Coming now to the crucial decision, between your Colt 45 or Olde English you weigh the fact that Billy Dee was a onetime spokesman for Colt and Olde English has had nods from more West Coast rappers than any other. RIP EE. 

Rustle up another 3 bones and you can get both.  But we can't do that here.

So settle this for me, Reckonauts!  OE or Colt 45?

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Never go against Lando.  Never.  That's how I've lived my life, and it's never let me down.

I was always an OE kid, though does anyone remember when Colt came in 45oz. bottles for a while?

OE...for real muthaf!ckin g's

The Reckoner!