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Boy Bands: Does it matter that they don't write their own songs?

All you people can't you see, can't you see how this question vexes me?

Few people take male pop music groups - "boy bands" - seriously.  One of the most common gripes folks seem to have is that the members of boy bands are less legitimate musicians because they, often, do not write their own songs.    

My question, fellow Reckonauts, is does it matter?  Are the members of boy bands less legitimate musicians because they don't write their own songs?  

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Somehow, getting on stage and looking good to teenagers may make you a singing sensation and provide celebrity, but doesn't make you have talent.


Many well respected musical acts didn't write their own songs.  For example, Frank Sinatra is only credited with writing seven songs, and none are the classics you would associate with him.  

It's likely that these bands don't have much talent, however writing your own music is not a requirement in my long as the music is original. Sinatra didn't write his music nor did most other famous performers. The trick is in finding or commissioning the right material, then performing it well.

Wow Dan, you got in there ahead of me with the same Sinatra that's eerie!

It takes a lot of talent to do what boy bands do -- it's just not musical talent.  Most of their talent lies more in dancing, acting, and modeling than actual musicianship. Anybody could sing these songs given modern studio technology, but it's the charisma and dancing ability of the boy band members when performing that differentiate the good ones from the rest (if you grant that there is such a thing as a 'good' boy band).

So short answer is: no -- I don't think Boy Band members are legitimate musicians.  That doesn't mean they're not talented, but that isn't what the question is asking.

Boy Bands Hahahahahahahahaaaa!!!!

@daniel lloyd: this is why i love you. ...definitely musicians. Voice is an instrument. A lot of the boy bands from the heyday in the late 90s and early 00s CAN play instruments and DO write some of the music. But even when they don't write the songs, i think it still takes musical talent to do what they do. Absolutely. The "boy bands" who aren't really talented don't last. (bbmak, 5ive, etc.) The good ones ( and yes, there is such a thing) do. Just look at the success of the recent nkotbsb tour and the name justin timberlake has made for himself.

quit playing games with my heart! you knew that it was gonna be me to drive myself crazy and pop onto this site to give you the answer that's been tearin up my heart. it's how i digital get down...this i promise you!

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