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Seinfeld Battle! "Bro" or "Manzier"?

Let's take a trip to Season 6: Episode 18 of Seinfeld -- also known as The Doorman.

Kramer and George's dad battled fiercely over the name of their invention... a bra for men who are "over ample" in the upper chest area.  This is a battle that has raged for generations across a nation of  televisions, but has remained forever unsolved.

Let's settle this now!

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For the folks at home, this is a summary of how this whole debate got started.

Apprently they sell these things in Japan, and they're a hit, if Thompson-Reuters is to be believed.  So it looks like Kramer and Frank Costanza were onto something big all along.

But yes, Manzier all the way.  I could definitely see the Manzier advertised in the back of a 1960s stag magazine, somewhere behind the article about the Nazi spy hunter who dared free the Seven Secret Slave Mistresses of the SS.  The cover would have a guy with a gun in one hand, a dame in the other, and he would be shooting a Nazi with a monocle.

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