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Mustaches: To be or not to be?

It's hard to walk around these days without seeing a few handlebar mustaches out there in the world. Mostly sported by tight jean, plaid shirt wearing hipsters. My question is: when did this become the symbol of cool? Or is it even cool at all? Is it, in fact, trendy because it is so uncool?

I freely admit that I have seen some pretty great looking mo's out there. But I fear that they are reaching a line that should not be crossed. If everyone has handlebars, it won't be as special to see that one that you subtly take a photo of with your iPhone while pretending to take a picture of your friend. 

So Reckonauts, how do you feel? Have we gone too far in our love of quirky facial hair?

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We've only just begun!
It's too much already!
Te 'stache makes the man.
Clean it up, hipsters!
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Reckoning Comments!

I cannot grow a moustache, and thus am plagued by envy.  I mean, I can grow a select, exclusive group of hairs on my upper lip.  But they're individualists.  They're not big on cooperation.

The Official Significant Other of the Reckoner has given me a mandate.  I can have a mustache -- with all the attendant scratchy-bear-kisses that entails -- if it doesn't look like I'm in middle school.  I'm turning 26 and I'm still waiting.

I married your father when he had a mustache, so if it was good enough then, it is good enough now. I say go with the stache!

As I think on it, we could have a follow up question on this one -- 'Mustache' or 'Moustache'?  You'll pry that 'o' out of my cold, dead fingers.

The Magnum P.I. Porn look is OUT....

The Reckoner!