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With this question, we officially break in the 'frugality' tag.

Do you use a piece of dental floss more than once?

Actually, only a small section on a piece of dental floss makes contact with your teeth. Should you use it again?

After all, you use a toothbrush more than once, so why not the floss?

Tell me, Reckonauts!

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Reckoning Comments!

I'm not a flosser.  Believe me, my dentist knows.  Every three or four years, when I stop on by, I get the same lecture.

It isn't really the cost issue that keeps me from flossing, by the way.  Even at one visit every three years, I think I have enough free floss accrued from my once-every-three-years dental schedule to luxuriate in a fresh piece of floss each and every time.

Where would you store the semi-used dental floss?

Dan...that's the ultimate question...and by the way "Yuk".

The Reckoner!