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Glossy or Matte screens for notebook computers?

Ever notice that all notebook computer screens are glossy? They are shiny and very reflective, which means that if you're in an area with a lot of natural light, you've got two options:

  • Squint through the reflection of your own face staring at you.
  • Crank up the brightness until the battery starts sizzling out of the bottom of the case.

The old matte screens were much easier to use in brightly lit reflections.  I can see why touch screen pads need to be shiny, but why fully keyboarded notebooks?

What do you think -- do you prefer the shiny screens, or the old matted style?

Reckoning Results!
I like shiny screens.
Give me a matte screen.
Helps me keep my tan!
Easier on the eyes!
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Reckoning Comments!

I hate 'em too.  Apple actually has an anti-gloss coating they'll put on your laptop, but they soak you for $50 bucks, and you're going to need to save that cash if you're going to fit within the $1200 challenge.

The gloss does makes the screen look a bit better, and glossy things have the suggestion that secretly the future of 1974 came true (the fun Logan's Run / Westworld type of future, not the dour Silent Running / Soylent Green type of future).  Not worth it for the glare.

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