The Reckoner!

Thanks, The Reckoner! It turns out my childhood was a lie!

You've waited 16 years to settle this once and for all. Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis!

Let's set the stage.  It's 1993.  You're 7 years old.  You've got a Sega Genesis or a Super Nintendo.  You don't have both -- what, are your parents made out of money or something?

You've also got a Compuserve account, and we all know how you're going to answer this question here.  That means you spent roughly 94% of your valuable social and educational development time yelling at strangers that their video game system sucks.  You spent 5.9% actually playing the system you own.  You spend the last 0.1% on schoolwork.

Now you're 25.  Or maybe you're 31.  Or maybe you're 27.  This is your chance to settle their hash once and for all.

Which system is best?  Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis?


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Super Nintendo!
Sega Genesis!
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Reckoning Comments!

If this one doesn't go the right way, I'm taking the site down.  Not to say that I was a partisan, no sir.  I wasn't a partisan, I was right.

This is the toughest question on the site.  The Genesis was much cooler at the time.  Sonic had attitude, while Mario was a game your mom liked.  But, looking back now, the Super Nintendo catalouge is just overwhelming.  A lot of franchises have never gotten better than their Super Nintendo iterations, and the visuals that system cranked out are timeless.  10 years from now, people will still be playing Link to the Past and Super Metroid.  I'm skeptical that they'll be getting out their copies of Eternal Champions.  

Alright.  I conceed.  The Genesis got my vote because that's what I had, but I defended it more out of jealousy than belief.

Still though, some great games on its own right: Sonic 1, 2, 3 + Knuckles, Gunstar Heroes, Phantasy Star II and IV (III never happened).  And of course, NHL '94.

In reality, the Sega Genesis was a programmable NHL '94 player.  You can mention that game to anyone over the age of 23 right now, and they'll get a brief pang of regret that they don't have a Genesis connected to their TV right now.

It's amazing that the impact of NHL '94 is so great that NHL '12 gives you the option of turning on NHL '94's control scheme.  20 years later, and we're essentially playing an upresed version of the same game.

The Reckoner!