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You have been eating healthy, exercising and watching your weight all year. Do you break your diet routine for the holidays?

You have worked hard all year exercising and avoiding all the foods that you love, and you feel and look really good.

Now, here comes the holidays with all its fabulous culinary delites. Do you break your diet routine and have that extra piece of luscious holiday cake, scarf down those fabulous butter cookies and have an extra helping of stuffing and mashed potatoes or do you say "no thank you, I've worked to hard to get where I am"?


Reckoning Results!
Keep to your diet!
Break your diet!
Don't need the goodies!
It's the holidays!
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Reckoning Comments!

For me, it's impossible to have any other answer besides 'break my diet'.  That may have something to do with the person who asked this question.

*whistles innocently*

I was thinking of you, Dan, when I wrote this question. I will remember your answer when you come home for the holiday! Bon Apetite.....

I agree!  How can you stay on a diet when your mom is the cook;)


If you are doing it all year that's not a diet it's a lifestyle. Anything in moderation is fine

Merry Christmas...pass the cheesecake!

As long as it's just for the special days, I say, "enjoy".  Just don't turn it into a two month binge-fest.

The Reckoner!