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It's good to know that humanity would try to live on as best it can should the big one happen. No thanks to finks like me who voted 'Kill Me Quickly'.

There's been a nuclear war and the world is a post-apocalyptic nightmare. Would you rather be killed instantly or be one of the survivors?

This post-nuclear world isn't a flower farm where everyone pulls together and makes a new life. But you could survive, possibly with luck and a lot of sacrifice. The odds are against you, though. Only a very few survive, and those who don't die instantly will die painfully (with like two heads, or possibly none). It might be a miserable existence, but it's an existence. 

Note: Surviving the nuclear war does not ensure a long and full life.  The Day After taught us that.

Reckoning Results!
I want to liiiiiiive!
Kill me quickly
One of the lucky few!
No sir. Punch my ticket!
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Reckoning Comments!

I want to be directly under the warhead.  I do not want to pass 'Go', I do not want to collect $200, I want to be atomized into white-hot plasma, and nothing less than that will suffice.

Why is that?  Threads.

I'm with you Dan!!


I have been a fighter my entire life, so if I survived this nightmare, I would probably want to keep fighting until the bitter end. However, there is one exception to this statement. If my family did not survive, put me under that warhead too!

This is a great question.

Would be fun to stick around and take out the zombies and mutants that would come from this.

True, death is the final big adventure, but it cuts off all of the ones that require being alive. I want to live to see what new, interesting ways the world comes up with to kill us all, e.g. supermutants and such. I should note that this is distinct from Linda Koch's desire to fight, however. Fighting takes effort.

Great point, Themba.  Through the strife, it would be intriguing to see life after the big one, just to see it.  It would be a profoundly different world to understand.

Of course, I think I might have a hard time seeing anything through the cataracts I'd apparently develop from the destruction of the ozone and the piercing UV radiation.  It's those little details of suffering that just chase me from the whole idea of not being turned into white-hot plasma at T-minus-0.

I'd rather die and reincarnate in a better world where I can enjoy creating, observing, exploring and drinking hoppy beer!

Are you kidding me? Can you imagine the sense of belonging and self-purpose raw survival would instill in you?! I'm all about surviving, and playing the game as long as I can. My apocalypse motorcycle is ready to head down south to create a new society ;).

The Reckoner!