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George Costanza Wants to Know: Do You Pee in the Shower?

This entire site could be powered off of questions derived from Seinfeld Season 6, but this one is a doozy.

You see, a certain Mr. George Costanza got caught urinating while taking a shower at his gym.  Per Mr. Costanza, there have been medical studies saying that holding it in is not a good idea.  Or at least he vaguely recalls reading something or other like that.  Elaine and Jerry were not buying it.  Kramer abstained from the vote.

Yes, peeing in a semi-public place -- even if it's a health-club shower -- is generally not a winning move.  But what about your own shower?  I mean, it's a drain, right?  That's constantly being flushed with water, right?  Is that necessarily such a faux pas?  In fact, you just might be doing the environment a favor by saving a few gallons of water.

Reckonauts, what do you think?

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A drain is a drain!
Peeing in the shower!?
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Reckoning Comments!

Alright!  I admit it!  Certain people... who share the same... name... and corporeal form... as me... may... from time to time... pee down the drain while taking a shower.

And now that this is on the internet and all future employment prospects for me are now forfeited, I'm one step further along to becoming the 1930s Hobo of my dreams

I like to drink beer in the shower so it kind of goes with the territory.

A drain is a drain. However, the urge to do so lessens to nothing if I'm not paying for water and sewage at the place.

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