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Let there be no more debate! You're buying a laptop, and I give you $1200, and you get to keep the change. Do you buy a PC or a Mac?

We used Macs in 1996.  That means that we get to wear these T-shirts if we want to.  Those were the Gil Amelio days, when Apple was dead, Windows had won, and we were all going to march in for our Two-Minutes Hate just like the commercial had said back in 1984.

Now Apple is cool again, and it seems like everyone owns one, but is that actually true?  

If I gave you 1200 bucks to buy yourself a laptop, and you get to keep the change, will you walk out with a PC or a Mac?

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In addition to being built on rock and roll, this site was also built on a Mac. I... ah... didn't pay $1200 for it.  I might've paid a bit more.

Mac!  $1200 will buy me an 11 inch MacBook Air w/128GB.  For a laptop, I just need good web browsing, casual document editing, simple photo downloading/viewing (not heavy editing).  But I already have a 27" iMac i5 sitting on my home office desk - so my laptop would not have to be a desktop replacement.

$600 buys a fairly hot PC notebook...good enough.  I do however lust for one of the Mac desktop units at about $1200.

You have more options with a pc, and $1,200 can get you way more speed 'n feed than a MacBook!

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