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Do you love or hate "classic" Christmas music?

Do the tunes you'll hear in every cinnamon-scented shop for the next 3+ weeks warm your heart or corrode your soul?   Have you been "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree" since taking out the Thanksgiving garbage, or do you think "Silver Bells" is the bilge of hell?

We can quibble over the definition of "classic", or we can just define it vaguely as "recorded before 1980 by someone other than Phil Spector".  

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'Tis the Season
Tinsel earplugs
Let the Jingle Bells ring
Shoot me, Santa Baby
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Reckoning Comments!
Come on everyone. Get the spirit. Don't be a grinch!

My Dad had A Slim Whitman Christmas on CD.  A Slim Whitman Christmas.  A Slim Whitman Christmas.

With God as my witness, A Slim Whitman Christmas.

Did you ever notice that in Weird Al's video for "Amish Paradise", when he raps the line "you know I shun fancy things like e-lectricity!", the actors playing Amish people are stomping on a pile of electronic devices and Slim Whitman records? 

(skip to 0:20)

Wow -- there they are!  All in all, a sound basis on which to give up electricity.

Other than "Ding Fries are Done"  Humbug!

So what's wrong with Slim Whitman?  He's HUGE in England.

whoaa the tide is turning on this one!

unbelievable!  you 32 people with candy canes for brains must have never worked in retail during a holiday season. 

Christmas music is like any other music.  Some of it is great, and some of it is terribly, terribly annoying. So for me it depends on which Christmas songs we're talking about.

The Reckoner!