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Now we're 'rolling' out the big guns! Hi-yo! Wowzers!

Toilet paper orientation: "Over" or "Under"?

The free end of a toilet paper roll can either hang in front of the spool or behind it.   

In the words of Bryan Adams: "Search your heart, search your soul, and tell me how to hang my roll."


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Over the top!
Around the back!
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You gotta do out the back.  The wall then makes a natural stop to prevent the toilet paper from cascading onto the floor if you give it a hard tug and the TP doesn't snap.

It's science!

I have a very strong opinion about this but I'll withhold it until the Reckoning is over or almost over.  

O.K. Dan, it might be science but in our house Larry is OCDish about it being over the top;)  Not sure if it's a family thing or not.......should ask your mom:)

Julie does it under, and it drives me insane!!! Must be another weird Koch thing ;-D


I used to be strictly over the top because I think it looks better.  After the kttens unrolled several new rolls onto the floor, I switched.

Hey Leo...What do you mean a Koch-thing? I always roll it over the top.

Maybe it's because Julie is a southpaw, her brain sees it differently...

Now @James Houston's comment hangs over this thread like the Sword of Damocles.

Over.  Reaching towards the back to get it doesn't make sense to me.


Like most or all of my Reckonings, I already knew the answer to this one.

There is no justification for around the back.  Over forever. 

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