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In the process of approving this one, I accidentally smeared Butterscotch Krimpet frosting all over my keyboard.

Tastykake vs. Hostess

Tastykake is the proverbial Philadelphia bakery item.  Available just about everywhere, it is an article of faith in Philadelphia that Hostess is nothing but a poser and that Tastykake is the real thing.  However, Tastykake doesn't get much farther than outside the Philadelphia metro region and anywhere that Wawa exists. 

So which is truly a better snack cake? 


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Yo Adrian, its Tastykake!
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I've scarfed my share of Tastykakes and loved almost every one (Jelly Krimpets? WTF?) but there's just no competing with Twinkies.  

Twinkies will always have a place in my heart by virtue of their pedagogical value in the first Ghostbusters, but I gotta go with the local brand.

While Twinkies have always been a favorite of mine........ by far Tastykakes has the best product:)


Hostess?  Seriously?  No one sends a "Hostess Care Package" to love ones who've moved out of the tri-state area.  


Tastycake all the way.  BTW - the simple joys of Butterscotch Krimpets are one of the virtuals I've pass along to my 7 y.o. son.  He's made me so proud.

BTW - Just to be clear, I haven't taught my son the "virtuals" of Krimpets, I've taught him the "virtues" of Krimpets.   And yes, he still makes me proud. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to clean my moustache of butterscotch frosting.

Have to agree with Bryan on this one. There's nothing like Butterscotch Krimpets. I have downed my share of those in my lifetime. I have the hips to prove it.  There will be a loud moan of sorrow if they are not produced anymore.

Twinkies are iconic, but they are just one Hostess product.  The rest of the Hostess product line pales in comparison to their Tastykake analog.  And there are the products unique to Tastykake - Krimpets and TandyKakes.  No comparison, Tastykake all the way.

Hostess Chocodiles are king period


The Reckoner!