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Should I root for the Celtics or Sixers?

I was raised near Philadelphia and it was a given that one rooted for the PhilliesEaglesSixersFlyers.  Apostacy was not tolerated.  However, since moving to New England, I find myself wanting to root for the Celtics, despite the pain and suffering it will cause to my relatives.

Should I root for my new "home team" or remain what one might call "faithful" to the old home team?

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As much as I'm putting my life in danger for exposing my vote, I think you gotta go Celtics.  

The Sixers have committed the cardinal sin of being both bad and boring for the last, oh, eight or nine years.  As much fun as it is seeing the white hot star power of Andre Iguodala leading them to the 7th seed in the East and a first round sweep every year, I think that's an experience you don't have to feel bonded towards.

But the Celtics!  Garnett! Pierce! Allen! It's like a team of old bank robbers getting roped back in for one last big score! I say go for it.

No.  Betrayl is a cardinal sin.  And, I disagree strongly with my dear Mr. Koch's contention.  The Sixers are finally exciting again after a terrible drought where they aimlessly wandered the lower middle tier of the NBA.  Once they get rid of Iggy for either a big guy or a more reliable scoring threat, they stand the chance to be real contenders.  

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