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Should Apple make a Television?

The Apple rumour mill, fueled by the late Steve Jobs' biography, is swirling about the idea of Apple designing and contracting the manufacture of an Internet connected Television set.  The rumored set would include Siri powered voice control amoung other features.  The question is, will Apple be successful in marketing yet another mass produced consumer electronic device, without Jobs at the helm?

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This is a great quesiton.  I know Jobs himself absolutely hated the modern cable box (who doesn't) and wanted to crack that market -- hence the existence of Apple TV -- but they haven't had a lot of success there.  And let us not forget Pippin.

I think they've got one up their sleeve, and that'll be a success. Television is going to be wide open over the next five years as everyone's viewing habits stray away from the traditional programming model to dynamic web viewing.  There's huge potential there, and I wouldn't doubt that they've got 50% of a solution already completed under Jobs and the remaining 50% (plus another 50% for good measure) planned out meticulously from before his passing.

Yea I'm really looking forward to seeing what they've got.  I have two Apple TVs and I'm in the rare camp of folks that is happy with them.  I'm actually in the market for a new TV so the release of this product might line up nicely.

I think it would be very interesting to see what they come up with.  The company can do it because what Jobs didn't have already finished will get done because they worked with one of the most intelligent & imaginative minds of our time!

 Great, really fancy looking and expensive TVs that do same exact thing as whats out there already.

Looks like somebody is a Frowney Fred!

(Hey Kris!)

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