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Thermostat Battle! 64 Degrees or 68 Degrees? No substitutes, no compromise!

Sally, the Official Significant Other of The Reckoner, and I are at loggerheads.  Loggerheads, I tell you!  It's war!  Mortal combat over the thermostat!

No sir, compromise just won't do.  We've tried that.  And then suddenly, there's a surreptitious slip of the hand, a few furtive glances, and suddenly that little LED is full of LIES.  We're both guilty, we both need help -- we turn this issue over to the world to settle for us.

Here's where we stand:

  • Sal wants 68 degrees.  Despite only being five or six generations removed from Finnish Reindeer herders, she's the sort of person who wears a sweater when it's 74 degrees out.  She's about had it with feeling cold, and since the thermostat is already in one of the warmer parts of the apartment, she feels that 68 degrees is already pushing it in terms of her comfort.
  • I want 64 degrees.  I like it chilly, and I definitely don't want to piss off the Canadian branch of the World Wildlife Foundation, who sponsored National Sweater Day earlier this year.  More seriously, it is good in the environment to keep the thermostat to 65 or lower, and it'll also save us $15-25 a month to cut a few degrees off of the heat.

This is winner take all, and it is binding.  However the world decides on this one -- meaning you -- is how we're going to spend the winter of 2012.  Our fate is in your hands!

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Reckoning Comments!

64F is not only healthier, it saves considerable $ on heating costs.  Step into a 70F building/home and it is stifling.  Wear sweats and  you'll feel great at 64F.

My Side Of The Story:

I don't wear a sweater outside at 74 degrees. But I wear a light jacket at 64!

And, just so you are all aware of the layout: we have three radiators all of which are on on the periphery of the apartment. There is no heat source in the living room at all. So 64 degrees by the thermostat (the sunniest part of the apartment) means colder elsewhere.

Also, in an apartment our size, it's more like saving $3-5 a month. Saving $15-25 a month is just propaganda. Propaganda I say! 

So people of The Reckoner, I appeal to you: the question is not where you should put your thermostat (I know 64 degrees is the temperature of choice for dads everywhere), but where we should put ours.

68 for the win!

I need some help here, folks.  But it's not just me -- it's Mother Earth who truly needs your help!

artificial heat is just the worst.  

68 degress is freezing, let alone 64!  Sal, I feel for you. $15-20 per month is not worth blue digits.

Given we have to pay to have LP delivered to heat our new home, we're not raising the furnace temp above 64 this winter, but we may augment bedrooms with electric heaters to push the temps up at night to 66/67.  I think a person's answer can be influenced by the cost to maintain that temp

Ingo grew up in an igloo.

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