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Would you ever consider giving up cable TV?

After months of deadly hand-to-hand combat with Comcast's customer service representatives, the Official Significant Other of The Reckoner and I recently made the big leap -- we gave up our cable television.  Indeed, we gave up on programmed television altogether -- nothing shall grace our television screen but things off a disc or Netflix wire.

So far, things have been an interesting go.  Sal misses some of the On Demand material, but seems to be coping. There's a lot of Hulu going on in her life, but she gets by.  As for myself, I scratched at the absence of cable like a phantom limb during the baseball playoffs -- I was glued to the radio feed on my iPhone, stapled even.  Sutured.  I was attached.  Beyond that, I haven't missed it as much as I suspected.  Netflix, with its bottomless episodes of Cheers, has been filling the breach.

In talking with the Official Immediate Family of The Reckoner about this whole 'give up cable plan' however, they're of the firm belief that I need an immediate psychiatric evaluation.  After watching six episodes of Storage Wars in a row last time I was their house, I suspect they may be right.

Would you consider giving up cable over the next six months?  

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You'll pry the remote from my cold dead hand.

The Significant Other and I gave up our cable when we moved last, and it was totally fine, aside from some occassional sadness that I was out of the loop on Top Chef.

Then I moved to Michigan. And I totally got cable again. Cause it's cold here and there's NOTHING* to do.


(*Not really, I'm probably busier than I've ever been, but somehow I justify paying for cable because of the loss of so many other luxuries in my life...)

I'm not sure if I should consider this pathetic, but while I do miss Top Chef (Texas, Neer, Texas!) even more I miss Adventure Time. Remember when it was only on the internet? Damn you Cartoon Network for no free online episodes!


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