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Ghostbusters 3. Yes, it may happen. Should it?

Dan Aykroyd really wants to do Ghostbusters 3.  Really, really wants to do it.  

Bill Murray's involvement has traditionally been the obstacle -- he's always said 'no' -- but that doesn't seem to be a dealbreaker now.  Hollywood will make it anyway, because it's a sequel to an extremely successful series bathed in rich tones of beautiful Gen-X and Y nostalgia.  If Tron: Legacy -- a disaster of a movie that was a sequel to a notorious box office bomb -- can make $400MM worldwide, they'll need a Fujitsu K Comptuer to tabulate the receipts for this one.

Do we actually want this?

Reckoning Results!
Heck yes!
No, God No!
Do! Re! Egon!
This just can't happen.
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Reckoning Comments!

I gotta tell you, I can't wait for the scene where it turns out Egon is too fat to fit into the proton pack.  That isn't going to fill me with a creeping awareness of my own mortality at all.

Vigo/Gozer romantic subplot, anyone?

I wanna see the return of THE SON OF GOZER.


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