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Is sleeping in the same bed acceptable for friends (or siblings) in the case of a bed shortage?

Sometimes there are too many people and not enough beds. And sometimes a nice double bed is only being used by one person. Let's say you (male) and your brother are sharing the guest room in your cousin's house. The only available furniture for sleeping is a Queen-size bed.

Do you share the bed and risk awkward situations arising while you sleep? Or do you spend the night on the floor? Your brother definitely gets the bed--he'll kick the shit out of you before he sleeps on the floor.

In this hypothetical, you have zero sexual interest in your blanket-hogging friend and they feel the same way about you. You like them fine as a drinking buddy, but you could not be less attracted.

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Depends....if its a boy and girl "Friendship" the boy no matter what, will put the moves on her.

Bro and Sis? Bro take the floor everytime.

I was thinking the same way, Leo -- but this one hasn't quite gone the way I had originally anticipated.

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