The Reckoner!

The Reckoner Autobahns it to Podcast 4!

Mashing the gas pedal and avoiding the Autobahnpolizei, it's The Reckoner! Podcast 4!  In celebration of the brand new picture uploading capability, Dan and Reckonbot tackle three more of the toughest and most outrageous Reckonings over the past three weeks, including:

  • Yuengling: The Best Cheap Beer?

    This one was destined for podcast fame the instant it got posted.  Dan and Reckonbot wax rhapsodic about America's oldest brewery and the golden waves of purity it unleashes on a grateful nation.
  • You're Driving on The Autobahn.  How Fast Would You Go?

    With Special Guest Star, Sir Anthony Coombs!

    Dan brings in the ultimate knighted ringer to talk about the driver's Valhalla that is the Autobahn.  Everyone gets choked up a bit.  We all dream of Montana.  North Dakota takes a few punches, but it's a trooper.
  • UHF!  Weird Al!  Awesome Movie, or So Stuuuuupid!

    With Special Guest Star, The Official Significant Other of The Reckoner!

    Sal is enough of a trooper to put up with Dan jabbering on about the Weird Al movie on Valentine's Day.  At least, up to a point.

The next podcast is due live the first week of March.  Until then, here's the best Valentine's Day to wishes to all, and happy Reckoning out there!

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