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The Reckoner! gets it's 100,000th hit! It also gets nice press from swell people!

At 9:22 AM EST this past Wednesday, The Reckoner! experienced a major milestone!  That's right folks, it was its 100,000th page view! 100 K! 100 mille! 100 tausend! 100 тысяч! 100 천! 100 千! 

That means that Reckonbot sends out a hundred thousand thanks to each and every one of you (or to the one guy who hit 'refresh' on his browser a hundred thousand times) for making our start such a smashing success!  It's because of you, The Reckonaut, that this site is so much fun, so my beyond-hearty thanks goes to you for being as awesome as you've been on this site!

Also, we've picked up a lot of kind press over the past week from news organizations preaching the evangel of The Reckoner!

  • Flying Kite Magazine
    "Forget Bush. The Reckoner is the new decider!..."
  • Philadelphia Thrillist
    "Not just an old dude who starts every sentence with 'I Reckon!'"
  • Killer Startups
    "Have the comfort that lots and lots of people think like you!"
  • The Cape May County Herald
    "The Reckoner will revolutionize decision making!"

Swell!  But there's to be no laurel resting at Reckoner Central!  We're just getting started!

Thanks again to everyone, and happy Reckoning!

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