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The Reckoner! Podcast 2! Reckonbot meets The Angry Grammarian!

Hot off of GarageBand comes The Reckoner! Podcast 2!  With three more Reckonings sure to give your spine a warm, tingling sensation!

The holidays were beyond festive here at Reckoner Central -- they were busy.  The switchboard was alight with six, count 'em, six thousand-view questions from the Reckonauts, and everything has been hopping with electricity since Santa put the sleigh into the barn and cracked open his customary post-Christmas bottle of Bushmills.  

This latest podcast installment takes a scoop of that mighty electricity and pumps it right into the airwaves around your head!  

Today, Dan, Reckonbot, and a pair of very special guests tackle three more of the best Reckonings from 2011:

Watch as Dan cries about his Emmitt Smith besotted youth!  What better way to see into the psychology of the Philadelphia fan?

This episode is brought to you by Wars and Whores, The Henry IV Part I Musical!  If you're in the Philadelphia area, stop on by the World Cafe Live at 9 PM on December 14th and get yourself a rollicking good time, care of The Angry Grammarian and his Wild Shakespeare Troubadors!  Reckonbot'll be there -- stop by and say hello at the merch table!

You can also get the original cast recording at Amazon!

The next The Reckoner! Podcast! will be coming at you on Janurary 16th, and every Monday hence!  Have fun, and keep Reckoning!

Reckoning Comments!

Wars and Whores was last night, and guess what folks!  It was awesome!  But it's not too late to see the show -- it's being performed again this summer!  Hit me up on the Contact Us page for more details!

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