The Reckoner!

The Reckoner takes no breaks over the holidays!

Folks, with the passing of this not-quite-New-Year's-Day-but-it-has-to-count-because-New-Year's-Day-was-on-a-Sunday, the Holiday season is officially over.  You are now relinquished from the responsibility of saying 'Happy Holidays' to everyone you see.  You may now just go back to wishing them a nice day, or a great afternoon, or grave injury (if you're Reckonbot).

But over those holidays, for some reason, Reckonbot just couldn't stop!  In fact, it couldn't stop so much that it had the two most active days in The Reckoner! history, along with our very first thousand-vote Reckoning!

And so, on that note, let's take a roll through what we've learned through the holidays:

We also released a podcast!  Which is here!  Which is everywhere (meaning iTunes)!  I personally pledge that thirty percent of all words that leave my mouth for the next two weeks will be "podcast" or "The Reckoner! Podcast!".  The Official Significant Other of the Reckoner has already rolled her eyes and asked what's changing from before.


Onwards, to 2012!

Reckoning Comments!

Oh, 30%? Does this mean you'll be taking it down a notch with the Reckoner Podcast talk then?

The Reckoner!