The Reckoner!

The Reckoner! Podcast 1! It's ALIVE!!

Yessir, folks!  Welcome to the inaugural The Reckoner podcast!  25 minutes and 50 seconds of the rootin'est, tootin'est office-recorded audio material you ever did hear!

It's been an awesome inaugural month for The Reckoner!, and what better way to soak in one month and 12,000 votes of hot action than by spending some time with Dan and Reckonbot 3000 as they hash out all the topsy-turvy results of this mixed-up world?

The Reckoner Podcast is dead simple, just like The Reckoner! itself.  Reckonbot and I take a tour of three Reckonings that caught our eye over this past week (or month, in this case), and give them a complete once-over.  We talk about how we would've voted (with Reckonbot usually being its profane self), predict how we think the world voted on it, and then see what you, the audience, actually went with.  It's a celebration of Democracy!  Of all things Reckontastic.  It's a celebration of you, dear Reckonaut!

This week's podcast is all about three standouts from our first month of The Reckoner! action!

Folks, this podcast is a real barnburner, and I hope you tune in to enjoy the fun!  The Reckoner Podcast is going to be a weekly event, released on Wednesdays, so stop on by for our next release, currently scheduled for Wednesday, January 11th!

Reckoning Comments!

Really enjoyed your podcast... Creative, witty, interesting and a totally enjoyable listen. Looking forward to the next one and your take on more Reckoner questions and winners!!!

The Reckoner!