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Merry Christmas, from The Reckoner!

Yes, folks, it's Christmas Eve!  It's the night of the year when all the good Gentile girls and Gentile boys carefully lay out their Santa bribes (I heard Santa prefers Oreos, and doublestuff will merit better gifts), and hurry off to bed before their Aunts and Uncles tuck into their fourth eggnog of the night.

Naw, that's cynical.  And I love Christmas!  And I love Hannukah!  And I even love Kwanzaa, even if the Offical Kwanzaa website is straight out of 1998.  Because despite all the stress, the gift wrestling, the travel, the worry, the family fights, it's something we all have in common -- once a year, right when the wind gets cold and the days are shortest, we get together and try to really love each other.  We take a moment, shut everything else down, and just focus on the other people in our lives, not the other things, the other worries, the other concerns, the other ambitions, the other everything.

Of course, at The Reckoner!, it's the other everything that's all the fun!  We've had a barrage of holiday-themed questions over the past few weeks, so here is a roundup of all the merriment so far:

All this and more is available under the 'Holidays' tag.

Folks, have a safe one.  Have a great one.  Talk with your family.  Love 'em.  Watch A Christmas Story seventeen times. And if you get into any arguments along the way, use The Reckoner! to solve them.

We wish you all the best, and we're looking forward to seeing you on the 26th.  We'll leave the lights burning for you!

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