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The Reckoner! Week 3 Recap!

Folks, The Reckoner! never stops surprising me.  Never.  Most of the time it's ruining my life by virtue of decisions that didn't go my way, but what the heck.  Isn't that what having a child is all about?  You pour your life into it, it grows up, gets surly and teenaged, then runs out and and changes the settings on your thermostat and tells you you're mounting the toilet paper wrong on its roll?

We just wrapped up Week 3 of this magical Reckoner experience, so let's go to the tape to see what we've determined!

All in all, we had 48 Reckonings over the past week, resulting in 2,879 votes off of more than 15,000 views!  It's a loud voice telling me that my love of bulldogs is misguided but my love of TV never is, and I've enjoyed every second of it.

Here's to you!  The Reckonauts!  For kicking butt and making this site the awesome place of positive judgment that it is!

Next Week!

This upcoming week, we have a very special gift to leave in all of your Christmas stockings (or Chinese food containers) -- the inaugural Reckonauts podcast!  Yes, you'll get to hear the sounds of our voices, both mine (which I like to characterize as a mixture between George Clooney and Larry Fine from the Three Stooges), and Reckonbot's!  

Hold on to your hats!  Because it's windy, and nobody likes to have their hat blown off while they're listening to a podcast.

Thanks folks!  And keep Reckoning!

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