The Reckoner!

What we've learned after two weeks!

Folks, at the conclusion of today, The Reckoner will have been live for 2 full weeks!  That's two weeks and 6,000+ votes of rootin', tootin' rip-snorting Reckoning action!

Given all of that activity, I'd like to take a moment to reflect on some of the things we've learned.  It is the solemn educational mission of The Reckoner to find and distill the essence of modern life, and think we've gotten a heaping faceful of modern life so far on this site, I tell you what.

So far, we've learned:

This, along with nine trillion other decisions, are all to be had at your disposal by clicking the 'Finished Reckonings' link up top.

Most of all, what we've learned is that you rock.  Yes, you, reading this.  Did you know that you rock?  You're rocking right now!  Even as you sit there, in your office chair, you're rocking. Because you make this site great.

Take care, keep reckoning, and tell your friends how they, too, can rock!

Reckoning Comments!
We also learned that your girlfriend is (almost always) right. And that some people are afraid of the white hot star power of Mark Rylance.

The Reckoner!