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Folks, with the passing of this not-quite-New-Year's-Day-but-it-has-to-count-because-New-Year's-Day-was-on-a-Sunday, the Holiday season is officially over.  You are now relinquished from the responsibility of saying 'Happy Holidays' to everyone you see.  You may now just go back to wishing them a nice day, or a great afternoon, or grave injury (if you're Reckonbot).

But over those holidays, for some reason, Reckonbot just couldn't stop!  In fact, it couldn't stop so much that it had the two most active days in The Reckoner! history, along with our very first thousand-vote Reckoning!

And so, on that note, let's take a roll through what we've learned through the holidays:

We also released a podcast!  Which is here!  Which is everywhere (meaning iTunes)!  I personally pledge that thirty percent of all words that leave my mouth for the next two weeks will be "podcast" or "The Reckoner! Podcast!".  The Official Significant Other of the Reckoner has already rolled her eyes and asked what's changing from before.


Onwards, to 2012!

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Yes, folks, it's Christmas Eve!  It's the night of the year when all the good Gentile girls and Gentile boys carefully lay out their Santa bribes (I heard Santa prefers Oreos, and doublestuff will merit better gifts), and hurry off to bed before their Aunts and Uncles tuck into their fourth eggnog of the night.

Naw, that's cynical.  And I love Christmas!  And I love Hannukah!  And I even love Kwanzaa, even if the Offical Kwanzaa website is straight out of 1998.  Because despite all the stress, the gift wrestling, the travel, the worry, the family fights, it's something we all have in common -- once a year, right when the wind gets cold and the days are shortest, we get together and try to really love each other.  We take a moment, shut everything else down, and just focus on the other people in our lives ...

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Folks, The Reckoner! never stops surprising me.  Never.  Most of the time it's ruining my life by virtue of decisions that didn't go my way, but what the heck.  Isn't that what having a child is all about?  You pour your life into it, it grows up, gets surly and teenaged, then runs out and and changes the settings on your thermostat and tells you you're mounting the toilet paper wrong on its roll?

We just wrapped up Week 3 of this magical Reckoner experience, so let's go to the tape to see what we've determined!

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And The Reckoner likes Geekadelphia!

Yessir, the fine folks over at Geekadelphia were nice enough to give us a great writeup on the site (and the bountiful, joyful procrastination it enables) this morning!

This is a dream-come-true for Reckonbot, who has been reading Geekadelphia ever since it learned that such a portmanteau existed and had a home on the Internet!  Welcome to the folks to swing on by from Geekadelphia.  Stay awhile!  Stay forever!

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Folks, at the conclusion of today, The Reckoner will have been live for 2 full weeks!  That's two weeks and 6,000+ votes of rootin', tootin' rip-snorting Reckoning action!

Given all of that activity, I'd like to take a moment to reflect on some of the things we've learned.  It is the solemn educational mission of The Reckoner to find and distill the essence of modern life, and think we've gotten a heaping faceful of modern life so far on this site, I tell you what.

So far, we've learned:

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