The Reckoner!

Through all of the entertainment and the exclamation points and the jokes at the expense of not-that-famous Shakespearian actor Mark Rylance, there is something that I truly believe about this site:

  • The Reckoner has the ability to do good.

The point is that you ask the internet for advice, and by triangulating the voice of the billions, you'll get a legitimately good judgment that you can use in your own life.

Well, thanks a lot, The Reckoner.  Because of your use of democracy, I'm going to be schvitzing all winter.  Swell.

Yes, in a hotly contested battle, 68 Degrees beat 64 Degrees 57-43, and the radiators are cranking themselves to a boil in The Official Apartment of The Reckoner.  Now, Reckonlytics are still in their infancy -- I'm still waiting for more parts for Reckonbot from Crutchfield -- but something tells me this decision may have broken down along gender lines.  I was hoping the suburban Dad voting bloc was going to save my bacon, but turnout was light in the suburban and exurban counties (I'm looking at you, Polk County, Iowa).

Reports state that The Official Signficant Other of The Reckoner will be making her victory speech at 8:30 Eastern Time on December 8th, and that she will be stating a message of unity and progress for the upcoming season.

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The Reckoner!