The Reckoner!

Howdy folks!  The Reckoner rodeo has a brand new member to its cast of characters!  Anonybot 3000!

Scavenged from the same South Philly autoyard where I first found Reckonbot, Anonybot is a Personal Decision Anonymizer!  That means it's capable of taking the stickiest and most embarrassing of Reckonings and scraping your personal information right off of it.  Anonybot is so good at its job, even Reckonbot has no idea who posted that question!

Anonybot is incidentally also a Technics SA-8000X stereo receiver, but it has a fun red bow on its case, suggesting that it's a female robot, a la Ms. Pac-Man.  And just like Ms. Pac-Man, she's extremely good at consuming electricity, eating quarters, and causing you to flunk your eighth-grade chemistry exam.  

Say hello to her next time you're on the site!

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The Reckoner!