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Earlier today, Reckonaut All-Star Leo Yeager posted the following Reckoning and ripped asunder a debate that thundered through a thousand homerooms, dorm rooms, and campus houses in 1992:

Initial returns skewed heavily for the latter, and the early voting had the makings of a rout.  

But hope was not lost!  This afternoon, the calvary arrived in the form of Pearl Jam's official fan club -- the Ten Club.  Arrived?  Nay, roared.  This question is now the most lopsided in The Reckoner history that doesn't involve reusing dental floss.

There are still six days for a riposte to be mounted, but a defense of Nirvana's virtue looks unlikely.  The Nirvana fanbase just doesn't seem to be organized enough to turn the tide, unless there's some hitherto undiscovered pocket of Nirvana fans hiding on the web.

So what have we learned?

  • The Ten Club is awesome.

Regardless of how you feel about Pearl Jam's music, you've got to love the passion and devotion of their fanbase.  They love the music, they've formed a great community to celebrate it, and in turn everyone's life gets better.  How can you argue with that?

  • If you want a great internet fan club in 2011, don't commit suicide in 1994.

We'll see what the next 144 hours brings.  Maybe there's still something left in the Nirvana fans out there.  Maybe there still is the will to fight.  But don't mess with the Ten Club.

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